Sandy Play Dough

Sandy Play Dough (10)

This sand-laced play dough requires only 4 ingredients, comes together in moments, and works just like kinetic sand!

To make the “sand”, combine 3 cups flour and 4 cups play sand in a large container. Add 1 and 1/4 cups hot water and 1/4 cup vegetable oil. Stir to mix and then knead with your hands until the mixture comes together like play dough.

Sandy Play Dough (1)

That’s it! I set out this sandy beach with lots of sea shells and let the kids go to town. We could construct sand castles…

Sandy Play Dough (8)

…which needed sea shell decorations of course!

Sandy Play Dough (9)

Veronika loved sorting through the shells and arranging them over the play dough best, even more so than working with the dough itself.

Sandy Play Dough (5)

For Travis, meanwhile, it was soon a landscape to play with Lego figures!

Sandy Play Dough (3)

The play dough molds together so easily, so we could make sea snakes or little sand structures, and so much more.

Sandy Play Dough (7)

No matter how they engaged with it, I loved watching brother and sister have fun with this hands-on bin together.

Sandy Play Dough (11)


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