K is for Kiss

K is for Kiss (9)

Veronika loves to play with the makeup under the bathroom sink, so today I decided to let her have free reign with a tube of old lipstick. We even threw in some early letter recognition and phonics!

To start, I drew a big letter K on white paper and cut it out.

K is for Kiss (1)

Then I showed her how to apply lipstick first on mommy and then on herself. This girl loves to make herself up!

K is for Kiss (5)

Now we each gave the K a kiss, and I emphasized the beginning letter sound as I told her what we were doing. She thought this was so silly! I added lots of kiss marks so our K was covered.

K is for Kiss (6)

There was still a little lipstick left in the tube, which she could use like a paintbrush on an extra piece of paper.

K is for Kiss (4)

She also loved taking the tube cap off and on again, which was great for fine motor skills.

K is for Kiss (7)

Who knew a tube of old lipstick was a great toy for a toddler!

K is for Kiss (8)


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