Pipe-Cleaner Party

Pipe-Cleaner Party (7)

Here’s an old activity I used to do with Travis, and today was Veronika’s turn. Make your kitchen colander into the prettiest one in the world with pipe cleaner decorations!

I set out a big handful of pipe cleaners and showed Veronika how to poke one down into the colander’s holes.

Pipe-Cleaner Party (1)

She took over immediately!

Pipe-Cleaner Party (4)

Big brother Travis wanted in on the party, too! He liked making the pipe cleaners into loops instead of simply sticking them out straight.

Pipe-Cleaner Party (5)

I challenged the kids to see if they could fill all the holes, which they nearly achieved!

Pipe-Cleaner Party (6)

For an extra challenge at the end, I sorted the pipe cleaners around the colander by color. Could Veronika figure out where a few leftovers were supposed to go?

Pipe-Cleaner Party (8)

After a bit of prompting, she aced the test! This was a great way to play with common household items, now that colder days have us inside longer hours once more.

Pipe-Cleaner Party (9)


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