Puzzling Plates

Puzzling Plates (5)

These easy one-piece puzzles are great for toddlers who are just beginning to fit pieces together.

Start by covering the center of paper plates with any easy-to-identify picture. If you have large photo prints of friends and family, those would work great. In a pinch, I cut pictures out of magazines that depicted familiar items (a house, a cat, vegetables) and glued them on.

Puzzling Plates (1)

Cut one “wedge” from each puzzle pie and scramble them. Now see if your toddler can tell which wedge goes where!

Puzzling Plates (2)

The hardest part for Veronika, more so than matching a piece to its correct puzzle, was making sure the wedge was oriented in the right direction when she slotted it back into the pie.

Puzzling Plates (3)

But once she got the hang of it, she aced the game.

Puzzling Plates (6)

You can make this activity harder as your child gets older simply by cutting multiple wedges from each puzzle pie!

Puzzling Plates (4)


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