Sunscreen Paint

Sunscreen Paint (3)

If you’re feeling nostalgic for summer, the smell of this paint will instantly bring you back to warmer days, at least for a moment. Meanwhile toddlers will love the sensory play involved in this craft.

I squirted a tube of old sunscreen into a foil pan, and added three dollops of food coloring around the sides, one each for yellow, blue, and red.

Sunscreen Paint (1)

I handed over paintbrushes and it was time for Veronika to mix it all up. She loved this activity! To start, she was so into the color aspect, seeing what happened when she swirled each color individually into the lotion…

Sunscreen Paint (2)

…and then what happened when they started to mix.

Sunscreen Paint (4)

Truth be told, the mixture did turn a muddy purple-brown, but that didn’t stop her. “It’s beautiful!” she said as she stirred it all around with a paintbrush.

Sunscreen Paint (5)

She didn’t actually do much painting, although I had laid newsprint underneath as a canvas in case she wanted to try a few swirls.

Sunscreen Paint (6)

And the best part about this “paint” is that it won’t matter a bit if your toddler decides to paint him or herself instead of paper. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra sunscreen!



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