Condensed Milk Edible Finger Paint

Condensed Milk Paint (6)

I love finding new ways to make edible finger paint for toddlers, and this version couldn’t be easier. Just crack open a can of condensed milk, add food coloring, and your little artist is ready to paint! For a vegan version, try the sweetened condensed coconut milk from Nature’s Charm.

I spooned a little bit into each of three plastic cups and put a small toy spoon in each cup. Veronika loves these little spoons, so she was excited to help stir a few drops of food coloring into each one. We used green, blue, and red.

Condensed Milk Paint (2)

Since she already had the spoon in hand, she first used this as her tool to dribble or rub the paint over thick watercolor paper. But I encouraged her to use her hands, and so she curiously dipped in a finger.

Condensed Milk Paint (3)

Then she was brave enough to do some smearing! The condensed coconut milk is very thick and creamy, much more so than regular slippery finger paint, so it was a great new sensory experience for her.

Condensed Milk Paint (7)

She’s been very into Blue’s Clues lately, and discovered that if she pressed her hand down, she left a paw print “clue” just like Blue can!

Condensed Milk Paint (4)

She requested I leave a paw print, too. There’s nothing like playing with your toddler to embrace your inner child and get a little goopy!

Condensed Milk Paint (8)

In fact, Veronika then loved rubbing the paint all over her hands and smooshing her palms together. Needless to say, once her masterpieces of finger paint were finished, we ended with a good hand washing.

Condensed Milk Paint (9)

Interestingly, she never tasted this one, but it was nice to know she could have, had she wanted to.


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