Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Wreath

Valentine's Tissue Wreath (5)

We thought it would be nice to decorate our door with a Valentine’s Day wreath, and I wanted one that even a toddler could help out with. I found inspiration from a tissue paper version from Hands on as We Grow! Veronika could fit in some arts-and-crafts for the day, and the end result would make a beautiful door decoration.

To start, I needed to cut a circle from cardboard. I opted for a scissor-friendly frozen pizza box rather than thicker cardboard packaging.

Valentine's Tissue Wreath (1)Next, I cut white tissue paper into squares about 8 inches long. I crumpled these into little “flowers” and then handed over to Veronika. Her job was to dip them in red and pink paint!

Valentine's Tissue Wreath (2)

This was way messier than I had imagined, but we set them aside to dry.

Valentine's Tissue Wreath (3)

Meanwhile, I also wadded up tissue paper that was already in shades of pink and red and stapled these around the outer rim of the cardboard circle. Once Veronika’s painted ones had dried, I stapled these along the inner rim.

If your kids want to add further details, consider painting and cutting out hearts from construction paper, or sprinkling on a dash of red glitter. We skipped those steps, though, and Veronika was delighted to help hang the wreath on the door.

Valentine's Tissue Wreath (6)

It looked so pretty and spot-in for the season, especially just after a snow storm!

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