Valentine Postcard

Valentine's Postcards (7)

Paper heart doilies always featured into the homemade Valentines of my youth, so imagine my surprise when I had to go to three stores before I could find them! Perhaps this classic decoration is becoming passe? That would be a shame, and I was glad Veronika got to enjoy the whimsy of doilies with this little craft. Our mission: to make Valentine postcards for the relatives.

To start, cut squares from sturdy white paper and then use a paper clip to attach a doily heart to each one.

Valentine's Postcards (1)

I then set out a tray with pink and red paint, along with a few sponges I had cut into small pieces so they would fit more easily in Veronika’s hands. I showed her how to dip a sponge in the paint and then dab over the hearts.

Valentine's Postcards (2)

When you lift up the doily, a beautiful heart shape is left behind!

Valentine's Postcards (3)

Note: We discovered that a light touch with the sponge works best here, or the image becomes a bit muddied.

Valentine's Postcards (4)

Let dry, then use stickers or markers for any final decorations before shipping off with love in the mail!

Valentine's Postcards (6)


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