Valentine Window of Hearts

Toddler Hearts for Window (5)

Veronika has made lots of Valentine cards to give away this year, but we realized our house was lacking in decorations that we had kept for ourselves! I had leftover doilies from one of her projects, and these only needed a little toddler-friendly embellishment before we could hang them in the windows.

Toddler Hearts for Window (2)

First, Veronika used dot markers to decorate some of the doilies. We chose red and purple, to keep with a Valentine’s color scheme.

Toddler Hearts for Window (1)

I thought she might also enjoy painting some of the doilies, but she hasn’t wanted to get her hands messy lately. Instead, I placed a few of the doilies in a plastic container and added two balls, one big and one small. Squeeze in a few drops of red paint, then roll the balls around. Your toddler might want to do this with his or her hands and get nice and messy!

Toddler Hearts for Window (3)

Veronika preferred it when I showed her how she could til the container to and fro, making the balls scatter paint across the doilies.

Toddler Hearts for Window (4)

Let these painted ones dry before adding to the other doilies hanging in your window. This made the easiest toddler “garland” ever!

Toddler Hearts for Window (6)


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