Big Mouth Game

Big Mouth Game (4)

Here’s another classic from the Toddler’s Busy Book, a game I played with Travis when he was so young this blog didn’t even exist yet! All you need to get started is a medium-sized cardboard box.

First, I drew a face on one side of the box with markers. No doubt your toddler will want to help out with this part; Veronika sure did!

Big Mouth Game (2)

I then used a craft knife to cut out the mouth shape. For the final touch, we rubbed a glue stick all over the top and attached strips of tissue paper to be the hair. The big mouth is hungry and ready to eat!

Big Mouth Game (3)

You can use just about anything as balls for the target. Tennis balls were just a touch too big to easily fit, but sock balls were the perfect size.

Big Mouth Game (5)

We also had extra tissue paper and Veronika loved crumpling these into balls and tossing into the mouth.

Big Mouth Game (6)

“He’s so hungry!” she said with delight every time she added to the box. When it was full, she could pull everything out and start all over again.

Big Mouth Game (8)

This game is sure to keep toddlers busy and delighted.


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