Textured Painted Letters

Textured Painted Letter (7)

This is a fun art project for siblings to do side by side, each child decorating the letter that begins his or name. The result makes a beautiful piece of art that can decorate a playroom or bedroom!

I picked up a wooden V and T at the craft store recently, thinking they might look nice hanging above the kids’ beds, and immediately knew we could turn into a fun art project, too. To start, I ripped up origami paper into small pieces. Veronika loved helping with the ripping, a classic toddler favorite!

Textured Painted Letter (1)

I also let her pick which patterns to include and had to laugh when she thought this one was “phones”.

Textured Painted Letter (2)

Once we had enough pieces, I showed her how to brush mod podge over the paper pieces on the wooden letter to glue them down. She did her own V plus a T for big brother Travis.

Textured Painted Letter (3)

Once the mod podge dried, we added coats of pastel paint to each letter, choosing blue for the V and green for the T.

Textured Painted Letter (5)

Let the paint dry and then hang up to display!

Textured Painted Letter (6)


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