Jel Dessert Sensory Bag

I enjoy making squishy bags for the kids, but don’t always love going through bottles of hair gel (a convenient base of choice) to do so. A great alternative, with the added bonus of the leftovers being edible, is to make a squishy bag from your favorite jel dessert!

The night before, I prepared a batch of the orange flavor from Simply Delish so it was chilled and set by morning. Fill small zip-top plastic bags with some of the jel, then add something fun to squish around in it. We used a mix of beads and bottoms. Note: For something a bit more gruesome around Halloween, use wiggle eyes instead!

Veronika loved the cold and squishy texture on her hands, which she could feel even through the plastic.

We hung it in the window where the sun made it almost like a suncatcher, too. She would press both palms against it so intrigued…

…and also enjoyed pushing individual beads around.

A simple way to keep little hands busy.


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