Toothpick Drop

Toothpick Drop (5)

This game couldn’t be easier, but is fantastic for developing fine motor skills. It sounds almost too simple to be true, but I promise it will fascinate your toddler. Are you ready for the easy instructions?

Dump a pile of toothpicks on the floor, preferably in a variety of colors:

Toothpick Drop (3)

Give your child an empty spice jar (or any lid with small holes) and show him or her how to drop the toothpicks through the holes.

Toothpick Drop (4)

All cleaned up? Remove the lid, dump out the toothpicks, and start all over again!

Toothpick Drop (2)

If you have colored toothpicks, the game is a great way to talk about various colors as well, or make a game of finding a blue one, etc. Do make sure to supervise this one closely, since toothpicks are sharp!

Toothpick Drop (6)

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