Fall Find It

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We’re always up for a good nature walk, so loved this suggestion from our latest High Five magazine. Their Fall Find It page, featuring a checklist of items to find, added a whole new element to our stroll. The treasure hunt was so engaging for Travis, who loved finding the things on our list (“We still need a pinecone…” he would muse, as we ambled).

Fall Find It (1)

Even better, this time I brought along the instant camera so he could snap pictures as we went!

Fall Find It (6)

Pretty soon we’d checked our way through a neat assortment, including:

A squirrel

A chipmunk (two actually, chasing each other!)


Funny twigs

A leaf with two different colors


A yellow leaf

We never did find a few items on the list, including a woolly bear caterpillar and a pumpkin, but this in itself made the hunt exciting! We added a few things not on the list, like this cricket:

Fall Find It (4)

By far the best part was taking a pause to sit so Travis could “draw” what we’d seen. Older children can no doubt truly test their art skills here, but it was great fun just to see Travis wield a red crayon and say he was drawing the red ants we’d spotted in the dirt, or a tree across the way.

Fall Find It (7)

Once home, continue the fun by going back over your memories as you glue the items onto construction paper.

Travis loved overlapping his leaves..

Fall Find It (9)

…And was so proud to incorporate the instant pics we’d snapped, and a little bit of his drawings.

Fall Find It (11)

What have you found on your fall hikes so far? Please share in the comments!

Fall Find It (5)

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