Flying Ghost Teabag

Flying Ghost (3)

Here’s a Halloween experiment that’s exciting for kids and grown-ups both. A note of caution, since the game involves fire; I recommend making this an activity for two adults and any children; one grown-up can light the match while the othe keeps kids a safe distance away.

Snip open a tea bag and empty the tea – as a nice bonus, the experiment smells lovely already!

Flying Ghost (1)

Once you open up the tea bag you’ll be left with a long cylinder. To give it a spooky flair, draw a ghost face on the bag.

Flying Ghost (2)

Now set alight the top edge of the cylinder with a match.

Flying Ghost (4)

The flame will travel down the “ghost”, and when enough heat is trapped in the cylinder, he rises up and flies!

Flying Ghost (5)

Everyone in the room gasped and giggled at this one, from kids to grandparents.

Interestingly, we tried it with a different brand of tea bag on the final go, and it burned faster but didn’t fly as well – so if yours doesn’t work spectacularly at first, consider testing a few tea brands. This final try is the one I caught on video, though, so enjoy!

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