Glow-in-the-Dark Jars, Two Ways

Glow Lantern (14).JPG

We seem to be having endless fun with our glow-in-the-dark paint lately. To add to a budding collection of gleaming creations, we put two additional mason jar projects together! Basically this is just two different methods of using the same two materials, so I’ve combined the crafts into one post.

First, we made a glow-in-the-dark lantern. This one was simple as can be, but giddy fun. Squirt glow-in-the-dark paint into a mason jar.

Glow Lantern (1)

Now seal the lid, and shake shake shake, like it’s a maraca!

GLow Lantern (2)

Travis loved seeing how this dispersed the color. Once your jar is coated, you can make a handle out of pipe cleaners: Twist one pipe cleaner in a U-shape in the center of the other.

Glow Lantern (12)

Wrap the long pipe cleaner around the jar’s neck securely.

Glow Lantern (13)

Charge up, and enjoy the lantern! This would be fun to add to any Halloween patio scene.

Glow Lantern (8)

For the second version of jar + glow paint, we wanted to replicate the old tradition of collecting fireflies in a jar – without harming any fireflies!

Put glow-in-the-dark paint into containers; a few different colors will make the prettiest result.

Glow Lantern (9)

Dip your paint brush into one color, and place in a mason jar; tap against the jar (almost like you’re ringing a bell), so the paint splatters.

Glow Lantern (10)

Repeat with the remaining colors – very Jackson Pollack-esque!

GLow Lantern (11)

Set your jar under direct light so your “fireflies” glow once the sun goes down.

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