Puffy Paint Shamrocks

Puffy Shamrock (9)

Painting green shamrocks is all well and good, but why use regular paint when you can use puffy paint?

To make the fun mixture, simply mix together shaving cream, glue, and green food coloring.

Before you make the paint, either trace or draw shamrock shapes onto paper. Use a thick cardstock, so the paper doesn’t tear.

Puffy Shamrock (1)

I wish I could tell you we measured out the ingredients for our puffy paint, but instead we had a lot of goopy, inexact fun. First we squirted shaving cream into plastic cups.

We added a healthy pour of glue into each – perhaps 2 tablespoons per cup? Stir the mixture together well.

Puffy Shamrock (2)

At first, we tried adding green food coloring to one cup. Oddly, this tinged the puffy paint very yellow, key lime at best. Travis’s favorite part of the whole craft was adding more and more food color and trying to get a greener shade.

Puffy Shamrock (3)

My little mixologist!

Puffy Shamrock (5)

Meanwhile, I used green paint in a second cup. This gave us a very pale pastel green – nice for springtime, though not true Kelly Green!

Puffy Shamrock (6)

Once you have the color you like, paint over your shamrocks.

Puffy Shamrock (7)

No points for neatness, of course.

Puffy Shamrock (8)

It only took a couple of hours for the paint to dry, and Travis loved how puffy and soft it was to the touch.


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