Water Balloon Yo-yo

water balloon (6)

Here’s the perfect water balloon activity for smaller kids who aren’t ready for a good old-fashioned water balloon fight!

Something I didn’t know until now: in order to fill water balloons, you need a special nozzle that attaches only to an outside spigot – our indoor sink didn’t work for this one! That meant we had to wait until a day at the relatives’ house to have fun.

water balloon (1)

Fill up water balloons and tie off.

water balloon (3)

Cut long rubber bands open, and tie one to each balloon. Now they bounce up and down like yo-yos for endless enjoyment.

water balloon (4)

These were Travis’s first water balloons, and he loved how squishy they are.

water balloon (5)

And of course, pelting daddy with a surprise handful is still fun, once the elastics slip off!

water balloon alt.jpg

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