Milk Jug Bird Feeder

Milk Jug Feeder (8).JPG

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about our feathered friends, providing them with seeds for the colder weather ahead (even though it’s been unseasonably warm!). In the past we’ve made everything from pinecone feeders to a little cafe. I wanted to try this version because it looked nice and roomy for the birds, but it posed a bit of a vegan challenge: the base of the feeder calls for a gallon milk jug. I briefly considered reusing a relative’s milk gallon, but had a hunch the non-dairy milk bottle from Califia Farms would work. It does, but grown-ups, do take care in the step below that calls for an Xacto knife and scissors!

Milk Jug Feeder (1)

First, cut a window in the front of the jug for birds to fly into. I started this with a knife, and finished the cut-out with scissors.

Milk Jug Feeder (2)

You’ll also need to make a hole near the top of the bottle to thread through yarn.

Travis took great pride in painting this project, everything from selecting the color blue…

Milk Jug Feeder (3)

…to mixing shades of blue…

Milk Jug Feeder (4)

…to making sure every last bit was covered.

Once the paint had dried, I tied yarn through the hole in the top and we headed outside.

Milk Jug Feeder (5)

Travis loved scooping in the bird seed.

Milk Jug Feeder (6)

Find the perfect spot to hang your feeder, then wait for your feathered friends to arrive!

Milk Jug Feeder (7)


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