Rock a Baby.JPG

Today I learned a new lullaby to add to my repertoire for Veronika – which is key both for lulling her to sleep and for keeping my tired mommy-brain engaged during late night feedings!

Whenever I learn a new song, I love finding a video of it on YouTube first. You’ll quickly learn the melody, and usually there is cute animation to go along with it (which Travis loves to check out!).

To wit, first I memorized the lyrics to the song, Sleep, Baby, Sleep:

Sleep, baby, sleep

Thy father guards the sheep.

Thy mother shakes the dreamland tree,

and from it fall sweet dreams for thee.

Sleep, baby, sleep


Smile, baby, smile

Thy mother guards a while.

Thy father tends the dreamland tree,

and shakes a new sweet dream for thee

Smile, baby, smile.

Then we checked out the video for the melody.

As you sing, gently rock your baby to mimic the movement of a cradle. Success! Baby girl fell asleep. Based on the picture, how high do you rate this lullaby?


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