Make Your Own Building Blocks

Own Building Blocks (4)

I have a preschooler who definitely needed attention this morning, and it’s a good thing I had a game waiting in the wings! For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been saving old food boxes (cereal cartons, cracker boxes, tea, etc.) in various shapes and sizes, and now it was time to put them to multiple uses!

First we had to cover the blocks in wrapping paper, which Travis loved, especially helping with the tape. We decided we liked using brown craft paper best, although solid colored wrapping paper would be fine.

Own Building Blocks (1)

Travis immediately took to stacking the boxes, so proud of his creations!

Own Building Blocks (3)

Pretty soon thereafter it was Batman’s fortress.

Own Building Blocks (5)

I took the time to draw house details – doors and windows – and we set up a cute Duplo main street…

Own Building Blocks (6)

…but this didn’t interest him for long.

Own Building Blocks (2)

A much bigger hit was… box bowling!

Own Building BLocks (7)

Set up the boxes and take aim.

Own Building Blocks (8)

Next, we took our stacking to the next level by adding cups.

Own Building Blocks (9)

It was a neat architectural challenge to encourage him to use paper cups in between each box layer.

Own Building Blocks (10)

You can also make the blocks more educational. Can you sort the boxes by size, for example?

Own Building Blocks (11)

Or, turn them over and write the letters of your child’s name, one per box. I was so proud of how quickly Travis had his letters in the right order!

Own BUilding Blocks (12)

Finally, have some good, silly fun. We made a fort and threw cup bombs at each other. Who knew you could do so much with a few boxes?

Own Building Blocks (14)

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