“Baby Napping” Sign

Baby Napping (3)

We’ve been lucky so far with Veronika – she can pretty much sleep through any level of noise, be it a birthday party or an afternoon at home. But as we enter the holiday season, there’s going to be a lot more noise and a lot more company, and sometimes it’s helpful to give guests or neighbors a hint that baby is sleeping before they come crashing noisily in.

This is a great project for older siblings to help with, too. We pulled out Travis’s art kit to put together a “baby napping” sign.

Baby Napping (1)

Encourage your child to write the words on the sign if they are interested (Travis was not), and to help select colors or cute images. To wit, we glued on a picture of a swaddled infant.

Baby Napping (6)

Once the sign is complete, you can tape it up in any moment that demands quiet.

Baby Napping (7)

Happy napping!


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