Dancing Hands

Discover Hands (1)

This adorable activity is a great way to help your infant discover his or her hands, and feel how they are connected to the rest of the body.

Simply hold your baby’s hands (or let them hold on to you with the grasp reflex), and start to make movements. You can do this randomly, but it’s even better to music.

Discover Hands (2)

You can try soothing music – we did a few strains of Mozart! – but feel free to make things more upbeat if that suits your baby’s mood.

Maybe because she hears it all the time (thanks to big brother), Veronika seemed to prefer having her hands rock out to pop music.

Discover Hands (5)

Travis joined in for an impromptu dance party.

Discover Hands (3)

This ended up being a great sibling bonding moment, his feet and her hands dancing to the beat. A great little activity!

Discover Hands (4)


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