Test the Grasp Reflex

Grasp REflex (6)

Babies are born with several reflexes, such as the rooting reflex (turning to follow with an open mouth if the side of the mouth is touched) and the Moro reflex (that particular, funny way in which babies startle).

But perhaps the cutest is the grasp reflex. Your little one’s tiny hand is remarkably strong, and if you stroke the palm, those mini fingers will grasp tightly.

Grasp Reflex (3)

Test your baby’s reflex at a quiet moment by placing your pointer finger in his or her palm. Almost certainly the little hand will clench shut. Snap a pic if you can, and encourage siblings to test out how strong the newest member of the family is, too! Not only are you creating a sweet memento, but you’re double-checking your baby’s healthy reflexes in the process.

Grasp Reflex (1)

Print out the photos and place in a small frame. These would be lovely to display somewhere in the nursery… Or tuck them into your newly created Memory Box!

Grasp Reflex (4)


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