Diaper Rhyme Time

Diaper Rhyme (1)

Of all the diaper-table activities we’ve tried since coming home with Veronika, this one soothes her by far the most!

Instead of focusing on the diapering itself, distract your newborn with rhymes or songs. Say or sing any that you know… Or, this is a great time to think about investing in a book of Mother Goose rhymes.

Often these are gorgeously illustrated, and they make wonderful first bedtime reading for your child – short on words, often set to a tune, and easy to read a couple each night, which sets up the habit of “storyime.”

Diaper Rhyme (2)

When you need inspiration, set the book of rhymes near the diaper table and open up to a page. To wit, I’ve been singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Jack and Jill. The lilting songs and rhymes will help develop your child’s ear for language, their understanding of rhythmic beats, and more. And maybe even get a little smile on the diaper table.


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