Shiny Whale

Shiny Whale (5).JPG

Poor Travis had a sick day today, which meant lots of extra snuggles and okay, perhaps a little too much extra-special TV watching. But it’s good to still engage your little one, even when they’re under the weather, with quiet activities like puzzles and coloring. This minimal-effort art project was perfect; it helped distract him for just a bit, and he created something pretty to boot!

First, I traced a whale shape onto cardboard and cut out.

Shiny Whale (1)

We’ve done several whale projects lately, but this one got to be extra shiny. Wrap the shape in aluminum foil, folding the foil on the backside so the front stays smooth.

Shiny Whale (3)

I gave Travis lots of sharpie markers to decorate his whale, for even shinier effect.

Shiny Whale (7)

As I said, simple but pretty, and a good way to distract your kid from that runny nose or sore throat – at least for a few minutes!

Shiny Whale (6)

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