Start a News Book

News Book (5)

Often, one parent is home with a child while the other is at work, or perhaps you and your spouse take turns and you both feel like you occasionally miss out on baby’s “news.” Either way, babies change so quickly that it can feel like you miss a lot, even in 24 hours. Enter this idea of a “news book” about your baby’s day. Although it would be tough to keep up this activity on a regular basis, it’s great for a day when your know another family member might feel left out.

You can take pictures on your phone and just forward them along, but there’s something about the instant camera that’s so much more fun. At various points throughout Veronika’s day today, I snapped a quick pic.

Starting with early playtime!

News Book (6)

I arranged the photos into a simple lined notebook, nothing fancy. If you want, though, decorate with photo corners, illustrations, or scrapbook stickers! I labeled each photo, and added the approximate time. Nap time, Daddy!

News Book (8)

And here she is at play in a fun local museum.

News Book (7)

Older siblings may enjoy taking pictures, too, which is a nice way to get them involved in a younger sibling’s day.

News Book (1)

You can also note any milestones that happen, perhaps if baby rolls for the first time. We made a note of Veronika’s first tooth poking through the gums!

News Book (2)

At the end of the day, we left a sweet note for Daddy to find so he could share in our day, even if he was home after the rest of us were asleep!

News Book (3)


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