Mind Your Manners

Mind Manners (5)

It’s never too early to start modeling good behavior and manners for your baby; after all, you are their first and best role model!

Today, I made a point of exaggerating manners for Veronika. For example, at meal time and play time I pointedly used the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. “Please may I have the spoon back, Veronika?”

Mind Manners (1)

Or: “Thank you for sharing your toy, Veronika!”

Mind Manners (2)

These are two words that are great for baby sign language, too. ‘Thank you’ is a simple motion of your fingertips forward from your chin. ‘Please’ is an open hand rubbing on your chest. Encourage big siblings to sign these words when they interact with your baby – Travis loves showing off his skills!

Mind Manners (4).JPG

Make sure, too, to highlight ‘thank you’ after your child receives a gift. Good manners go a long way!

Mind Manners (3)

And of course, I make a point of pleases and thank yous when I take Veronika out on errands.  It’s a helpful reminder for me as a grown-up, and she gets a good lesson!

Mind Manners alt.jpg


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