Wright-Inspired Flyer

Wright Glider (8).JPG

After reading an informative article about the Wright brothers and the first flight, Travis was inspired to test out a poster board plane craft!

You’ll need a large piece of poster board for this project; ideally use two colors, but since I only had yellow, ours was a single-colored plane.

You’ll need to cut out five pieces: one that is 11 inches x 4 inches, two that are 9 inches x 1 inch, and two that are 4 inches x 1 inch. This was great measuring practice.

Wright Glider (1)

Travis loved drawing straight lines along the ruler!

Wright Glider (3)

Glue the 11 inch rectangle in the middle of one of the 9 inch rectangles. Glue one of the small rectangles at the top, as the nose of the plane. Let dry.

Wright Glider (4)

Glue the second 9 inch rectangle on top, so that the 11 inch rectangle is now sandwiched between them, as the wings.

Wright Glider (5)

Glue a craft stick lengthwise starting at the nose of the plane and add a large paper clip. Let dry.

Wright Glider (6)

Cut a notch in the tail-end of the plane; glue in the final small rectangle, upright, as the rudder.

Wright Glider (7)

Let dry completely. When it’s time to take flight, put a finger on either side of the craft stick, and launch!

Wright Glider (9)

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