Sing in a Silly Voice

Sing Silly (4).JPG

I love musical play with Veronika, but today when I pulled out the songs, it was less about rhythm and more about the giggles!

Sit with your baby and sing a few favorite childhood tunes. Each song you sing, use a different voice. For inspiration, I flipped through a small songbook we have with musical chimes. The chimes definitely held Veronika’s interest, sometimes more so than my voice!

Sing Silly (3)

But she took notice and started giggling when I began singing oddly. Try a high voice.

Sing Silly (1)

Or a low voice. Mom, you sound weird, her look seems to say here.

Sing Silly (2)

I sang in silly accents, like country or French. And of course, I provided Veronika with a few baby instruments to play along.

Sing Silly (5)

If you prefer, stick to only one song but switch up your voice each time. This might even help your baby anticipate the change! Another fun one to try is whispering the song.


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