Connect with Classical

bond with bach (1)

Travis has pulled out his old violin this morning (from a brief foray into Suzuki last year), which was a nice reminder to put on some classical music for the whole family to enjoy!

bond with bach (2)

Classical is fantastic for babies (not just Bach, although that’s what we started with). I put on concerto music and held Veronika in my arms, and I could instantly feel her whole body relax. Mine, too!

Bond with Bach (3).JPG

We listened to the music at various volumes – first loud, then softer, then loud again. She was practically dancing to the music!

bond with bach (4)

I also whispered to her what we were listening to: string instruments like cellos, bold brass instruments, winds like clarinets, and more.

Although the jury is still out on whether or not the “Mozart effect” actually helps babies’ intelligence, there’s no reason not to listen to classical music. It certainly calmed us all down on a chaotic Saturday morning! A nice reminder to leave my Mozart and Bach on repeat in the background.


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