First Giggles

first giggles (7)

We’re on a mission around here… To get Veronika to make her first true giggle, that is!

Social smiles abound these days, including the best gummy smile when I first greet her in the morning. But the giggle is more elusive, and you are probably equally excited for the first time your little one truly makes that sound. It’s a milestone that will happen right around three month’s old – i.e. right now for us.

So here’s a round up of some fun ways we’ve been eliciting smiles from Veronika. She goes wild for peekaboo…

first giggles

…loves when I make silly faces, like a puckered fish face or bubbly lips…

first giggles (6)

…and grins when I say nonsense words like “scootchie tootchie!”

first giggles (2)

And then there are her near-laughs for big brother!

first giggles (5)

We’ll get there soon, and we’ll have fun trying in the meantime. How did you get your baby to laugh for the first time? Please share in the comments!



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