Water Play

Water Play (10)

It hit 75 degrees today, which meant I got my little girl out in her bloomers for water play for the first time in her life.

Everything about this activity was novel for my six-month-old, from the soft towel we spread out on the grass, to the basin of toys I set out.

Water Play (1)

Fill a bin (or baby bath!) with lukewarm water even if it’s very hot out to avoid extremes in temperature, and add a few fun toys: I included bath toys, plastic spoons, and measuring cups.

Water Play (2)

Then I simply sat back and watched Veronika go! She loved reaching her hands in…

Water Play (3)

…and fishing out toys one at a time.

Water Play (6)

The spoons were a big hit.

Water Play (12)

You can add a little bit of bubble bath, too, for some foamy fun.

Water Play (5)

I also showed Veronika how to pour water from a cup, or splash her hands on the surface of the water to make splashy sounds.

Water Play (4)

Big siblings may want to get in on the fun, especially if it’s a perfect late spring day.

Water Play (9)

Needless to say, Veronika was soon soaked, but loving it!

Water Play (8)

She was having so much fun she didn’t mind one bit.

Water Play (11)


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