Treasure Basket

Treasure Basket (1)

This game is so simple, yet sure to delight your six-month-old, who is probably new to sit-up playtime!

Fill a small basket or bin (ideally one that your child can lift with his or her own hands) with a few odds and ends. For Veronika, I added a rubber spatula, two soft toys, two foam blocks, a squishy toy, and a set of baby car keys.

Treasure Basket (6)

One by one, I showed her the toys, and described them. In this way, we emptied the bin and then I filled it back up again.

Treasure Basket (3)

The second time through, I let her rifle through the bin on her own and select the toys in any order she wanted.

Treasure Basket (4)

As she came to each item, I again talked about its shape or size or another feature. For instance, the spatula was perfect for talking about length.

Treasure Basket (2)

And the blocks were perfect for talking about color.

Treasure Basket (7)

I loved when she pulled out the square block and squishy circle and began drumming them together.

Treasure Basket (8)

She seemed so excited to have free-reign to rifle through the bin with nothing inside off limits. There’s something that babies start to love at this age about pulling things out… And we better get used to it, because there are toddler days ahead!

Treasure Basket (5)




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