New Switch-It Game

New Switch It (7).JPG

In the past when I played “switch-it” games with Veronika, the idea was for her to practice letting go of a toy, dropping one in exchange for another. At just shy of 7 months, the goal this time was more sophisticated: to switch a toy from hand to hand, in order to make room for another. She aced the test!

Plastic farm animals were the perfect toy for this purpose. First I handed her a duck, which she passed hand-to-hand as she played.

New Switch It (1)

While it was in her left hand, I offered up llama, holding it up to the same hand.

New Switch It (2)

In a flash, duckie was in her right and llama was in her left!

New Switch It (3)

I praised the change she’d made, even though she didn’t entirely understand why.

New Switch It (4)

But she quickly soaked up the happy vibe and beamed proudly!

New Switch It (5)

Soon she was drumming the two animals together.

New Switch It (6)

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t get this right away; keep practicing and soon he or she will be a hand-to-hand passing champ.

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