Make a Weekly Survival Hit List

Weekly Hit List (9)

Today’s activity with baby was another one of those more for the parent; I’m constantly on the hunt for the best and most efficient way to organize my mind, our days, our weeks. I have several methods for planning the family’s week, but it always feels a bit scattered.

For events, there’s my day planner, with a column for each person. I highly recommend this – or at least a color-coded system – so you can quickly see not just what the event is but who needs to be where and when.

Weekly Hit List (2)

Next there’s my method to plan weekly meals. My best advice for menu planning is: don’t wing it! Especially with Veronika now eating a varied menu each week, I plan meals ahead of time in a spreadsheet. When it comes time to make a grocery list, the info is already there!

Weekly Hit List (5)

Then I write up daily meals on a wipe-clean board. No out of sight out of mind here!

Weekly Hit List (1)

But I still don’t have a way to string it all together in one place, and I’ve been searching online for inspiration from the bullet journal (bujo) crowd, which I tested briefly with Veronika’s schedule.

Here is one method I liked, laying everything out on a page:

Weekly Hit List (8)

There’s a column for appointments, housework, blogs or work-related items, a meal section, and then of course the Hit List for the week’s important to-dos.

Weekly Hit List (6)

Each item gets a dash when incomplete, which turns into a plus sign once done.

Weekly Hit List (7)

I’ll test this for a week or so, and see if it manages to combine my disparate organization methods thus far. What does your weekly hit list look like? Please share in the comments!

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