Play with Finger People

Finger People (2)

Well, here’s an activity that I thought would be adorable, but as it turns out… it terrified Veronika!

The idea was to make simple “people” on your fingertips, who can then interact with your baby. Draw eyes and a smile with pen.

Finger People (1)

If you want, tape on a little bit of cotton ball hair. This one looked a bit like Mozart! Or perhaps Benjamin Franklin.

Finger People (3)

One by one, hold your fingers and have them talk or interact with baby. You can have them say bye-bye and hello, or give each one a funny voice and a different name. It’s also a great way to sing the sing the Daddy Finger song, holding up each finger in turn (pointer = mommy, tall man = daddy, ring finger = brother, pinkie finger = sister).

But did Veronika enjoy it? Nope! Her face crumpled into a frown or – worse! – tears every time I popped up a finger. Her expression went from quiet alarm:

Finger People (6)

To suspicion:

Finger People (5)

To outright anger!

Finger People (4)

Perhaps it was just too creepy to see mommy’s fingers talking. But if your baby likes this game, please share your success in the comments!



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