Together Time

Together Time (8)

Veronika is seven months old today! These little monthly birthdays are great moments to take stock as a parent; you can marvel at how far your baby has come, and also pause to think about what’s working and what maybe isn’t anymore.

To wit, Veronika’s bedtime routine has shifted considerably since she was a newborn (when, by “routine”, I mean there completely wasn’t one!)

Now, she has a set bedtime (6.30) which allows us as a family to decide how we want to spend that last hour before bed.

No matter what your routine looks like, I highly recommend making sure there are no phone calls and no visitors. Where is my phone during all of this? Charging and on silent!

Together Time (5)

So first up, it’s time to eat a yummy dinner!

Together Time (1)

Next up is bath and jammies.

Together Time (2)

It’s okay to invite a stuffed animal friend over, of course.

Together Time (3)

We pause to read a story. Veronika likes to help turn pages.

Together Time (4)

Then she watches big brother take a bath – her dry tub makes a perfect play pen!

Together Time (7)

And that first little tooth needs a brush!

Together Time (9)

Then it’s lullabies and lights out.



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