Stuck Together

Stuck Together (3).JPG

What’s the most adorable kind of sandwich? A baby sandwich of course! Engage siblings and other family members in this game that is sure to have everyone giggling.

Have two older children or adults sit back-to-back, leaving a slight gap in between their bodies. Daddy and big brother Travis were happy participants!

Stuck Together (2)

We encouraged Veronika to crawl through the gap between them. It took a few tries before we kept her from veering off toward anything that caught her eye; a few crinkly toys as bait didn’t hurt.

Stuck Together (4)

Once she was in the tunnel between them: squeeze! Travis and daddy pushed back to “trap” her between them, for one big snuggly Veronika sandwich.

Stuck Together (5)

As an alternative, have the big kid/grown-up players start with no space between their bodies, and see if baby wants to wedge open the gap.

Stuck Together (1)

Games like this might seem silly, but they’ll encourage bonding. Travis loves that Veronika is finally old enough to truly play!


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