Grandparents Day Pictures

Grandparents Day (4)

Today (September 8) is grandparents day! If you are lucky enough to be near grandparents, I hope you enjoyed something special today. For those who live further away, consider having your little one draw a picture!

I suggested to Travis that he draw a picture of a favorite activity he shared with his grandparents. This turned into a picture of Darth Vader, which is probably better because the idea came from him!

Grandparents Day (3)

We added a second drawing of apple picking…

Grandparents Day (1)

…because we finished the with a beautiful multi-generational trip to the orchard!

orchard (4).jpg

It was also chance for Travis to hear stories from when they were little, like how his grandmother had a raspberry bush in her front yard. These shared outings are fantastic ways to let your kids learn about an older generation. Older kids might want to make it more of a proper interview, and can draw pictures of what they learn about their grandparents as kids.

How did you celebrate Grandparents Day this year? Please share in the comments!

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