Sorting and Swapping

Sorting Swapping (6).JPG

How do you keep a baby busy while a big sibling makes cookies? With this adorable sorting and swapping game!

I gave Veronika two plates, one piled high with lemons and small oranges, the other empty. These fruits were ideal because they were small enough for her to hold, big enough not to be choking hazards, and the peels prevented her from actually biting into them.

I showed her how to move everything from the first plate to the other. She was eager to get her hands on a lemon!

Sorting Swapping (1)

It was a great chance to introduce the ideas of empty and full. Then I placed all the lemons on one side and all the oranges on the other, a great way to talk about different colors.

Sorting Swapping (4)

Obviously this advanced sorting is too much for a ten-month-old to replicate, but it was useful for Veronika to see the grouping. She loved transferring the fruits back and forth for quite some time.

Sorting Swapping (2)

Plus the plates were fun to play with!

Sorting Swapping (3)

So in sum, a very easy way to keep baby entertained in the kitchen.

Sorting Swapping (5)


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