Shall I Pour?

Shall I Pour (7)

Pouring dry items from cup to cup is a fantastic way to build the fine motor skills that will one day allow your little one to pour liquids. Don’t expect your baby to be pouring his or her own water and juice after this game, but it is great practice and cute fun!

I put a soft blanket down on the kitchen floor, then filled two cups with O cereal and left two cups empty (one set for me, one for Veronika).

Shall I Pour (1)

Once I had her attention, I showed her how to pour the cereal from a full cup to an empty one.

Shall I Pour (2)

“Watch me pour!” I instructed.

Shall I Pour (4)

Well at first she was simply delighted to discover that the game involved a snack. Yum!

Shall I Pour (3)

She also seemed to love the visual of the cereal trickling from one cup to another.

Shall I Pour (8)

After showing her a few times, her hand reached out to mimic me, which I had anticipated; ten-month-olds are fantastic mimics!

Shall I Pour (9)

She tried her own hand at pouring…

Shall I Pour (5)

…and then just wanted to play with Os and cups. As I said, don’t expect your baby to be a pro after the game (your play space will probably look like mine, below), but your little one will have a blast!

Shall I Pour (10)


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