Boom (3)

Cause-and-effect is big at ten months, and this simple game is sure to delight!

I sat down with Veronika in front of an empty plastic bin. Making sure she was watching, I tossed in a bean bag and said, “Boom!”

Boom (1)

Well she sure thought that was funny!

Boom (2)

I repeated with a ball, “Boom!” She immediately began mimicking the word. “Boo boo boo!”

Now it was her turn; I handed her a ball which she placed in rather than dropped into the bucket, but she had the idea!

Boom (7)

For some extra fun, I sprinkled flour in the bottom of the bin.

Boom (5)

The bean bags and balls made just enough of an impact for a light dusting to fly up when items landed, further enhancing the notions of cause and effect.

Boom (6)

And it was so fun that big brother wanted in on the action!

Boom (8)

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