Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings (10).JPG

Stacking rings are such a simple and classic baby toy, but they bring such joy and fantastic learning! Your baby is problem solving as he or she figures out how to stack the rings, as well as honing fine motor skills. Because many are brightly colored and ordered in size from largest to smallest, they are also great for language development.

Today, Veronika and I mixed things up to bring new life to her standard stacking ring set! Instead of threading them onto the provided post, I gave her a wooden spoon to slot them on to (you could also try the game on your arm).

Stacking Rings (1)

She was immediately intrigued.

Stacking Rings (3)

The spoon itself was fascinating to her, and I think she believed herself to be Queen Veronika, brandishing it like a royal scepter and chatting to the spoon for quite some time.

Stacking Rings (2)

Eventually I coaxed her into adding more rings onto it.

Stacking Rings (7)

She was delighted when she saw that her spoon now had three fun rings, not two.

Stacking Rings (9)

She loved to stand up holding it, as well!

Stacking Rings (5).JPG

If you want to challenge your baby with smaller rings, try stacking on shower curtain or window curtain rings instead! How do you and your baby play with stacking rings? Please share in the comments.

Stacking Rings (4)


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