Peace Pendant

Peace Pendant (6).JPG

There’s been a bit of discord in our home lately, not unexpected with a five year old! Kindergarten routines are new, which makes things understandably tough, and Travis is at an age where asserting oneself and independence are so important. This craft now serves as a token to make peace whenever we get caught in a clash of wills at home!

Trace two circles on craft foam, one purple, one yellow.

Peace Pendant (1)

Leave the purple circle whole and cut the yellow one into a peace symbol. The latter was tough for Travis, so I helped out. Glue the yellow to the purple, cutting to fit if needed.

Peace Pendant (2)

Travis loved adding stick-on craft gems for decoration. Groovy!

Peace Pendant (3)

Glue a piece of wide ribbon into a loop, and then adhere to the back of the purple foam.

Peace Pendant (4)

Thread a length of string or yarn through the ribbon so it can be worn as a necklace. Now whoever needs to stop and take a deep breath can pause and put on the pendant! Try it and see if it brings a little peace to your home.

Peace Pendant (5)

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