Learning About Feelings

Feeling Emotions (2)

Here’s a fun way to teach your baby about feelings as he or she begins to navigate the world of emotions; bring stuffed animals in on the action!

The very first one I wanted to illustrate for Veronika was love. I said the word and gave her stuffed animal a big hug.

Feeling Emotions (1)

She wanted to copy me right away!

Next, I sat the happy stuffed animals around me for a story time, explaining that story time makes me happy. Make sure to exaggerate the emotion as you say it. For happy, that meant a high voice and big smiles. She was excited.

Feeling Emotions (7)

There are so many children’s books featuring emotions that you can read through. Our book included different scenarios and emotions on each page. After I read the text, I stopped and had her stuffed animals act it out.

The fox was sleepy.

Feeling Emotions (3)

Oh no and then worried.

Feeling Emotions (4)

And then “surprised!” Veronika copied my motions and put her hands up in a big, “Oh yay!”

Feeling Emotions (5)

And there was a happy ending of course.

Feeling Emotions (8)

Read through several books this way, so you can explore the gamut of emotions with your little one. Veronika looked concerned when the animals were worried…

Feeling Emotions (9)

…and thrilled when they were glad. She enjoyed this story time so much, and I did too!

Feeling Emotions (6)

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