Texture Track

Texture Track (5)

This was admittedly an ambitious game with a ten-month-old, since it involved lots of tempting materials. But Veronika loves vrooming cars on the floor (she’ll do so for ages, going “vvvvv”), so I knew she’d enjoy the game!

To set up, fold a piece of cardboard in half. Cover half in shiny aluminum foil.

Texture Track (11)

Next, I filled a shallow tray with just a thin layer of sand. Definitely keep the amount small if you’re worried your little one will spill it.

Texture Track (1)

I set up the ramp to go up and into the sand tray. With Veronika watching, first I chugged a car sloooowly up the ramp.

Texture Track (4)

Then I let it zoom (“fast!”) down the shiny side. It comes to a stop in the sand.

Texture Track (2)

There is so much to talk about as you play the game (the textures of the materials, different paces). Don’t be surprised if your baby wants to grab at the ramp or the foil!

Texture Track (6)

Soon Veronika wanted to try her own hand at zooming the cars up and over.

Texture Track (8)

The sand was her favorite part by far.

Texture Track (9)

She loved running her fingers through it, and the crunchy sound that the cars made when we simply drove them back and forth in the bin.

Texture Track (10)


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