Color Hunt

Color Hunt (2).JPG

Here’a fun activity for the next time you walk around the house with baby: turn your exploration into a color hunt!

I painted four squares on a piece of cardboard, choosing red, blue, green, and yellow. It was easiest to strap Veronika into the Ergo carrier so my hands were free, and off we set on a search around the house.

Color Hunt (3)

When we came to an item, I paused and held it next to the appropriately colored square.

Color Hunt (5)

Name the color first as you point to the object, and then as you point to the square on your cardboard.

Color Hunt (6)

When we returned to her playroom, I set down the cardboard and made piles of toys alongside each color.

Color Hunt (7)

I stuck with similar objects – blocks, stacking cups, cars – so she would have a strong visual of the color in each pile.

Color Hunt (9)

And of course she just loved playing with the items. This game is a great way to get your little one hearing the names of colors and understanding the difference between shades, so enjoy!

Color Hunt (8)



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