Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Fly a Kite (6)

Kites are pure magic for babies. As I watched Veronika watch a kite for the first time today, it was one of those moments where you remember how new everything is for little ones. There is magic in what might seem ho-hum to us grown-ups, and exposing babies to even the smallest bits of wonder helps us be kids again.

So if you don’t have one, its worth investing in a simple kite. The activity was as simple as this: We headed to a park with Veronika, and unfurled a butterfly shaped kite.

Fly a Kite (1)

Whenever it caught the wind, her face lit up.

Fly a Kite (2).JPG

She was so eager to see this amazing new object that she left our picnic blanket and went trotting off through the grass on hands and knees!

Fly a Kite (5).JPG

When I held her up, she loved catching the tassels of the kite’s tail.

Fly a Kite (3)

For a grand finale, we looped the string of the kite around her stroller bars (take care with this, and make sure your little one can never get tangled in the cord). The faster we moved, the better the kite fluttered just in front of her, and she loved it!

Fly a Kite (7)


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