Finger-Paint Art

Finger-Paint Art (9)

I’m getting braver when it comes to Veronika and art, but as a safety measure, it’s still a good idea to keep art materials contained or edible at this age. This edible finger-paint is a cinch to whip up!

To make the paint, combine 4 tablespoons boiling water and 4 tablespoons cornstarch, mixing well with a whisk.

Finger-Paint Art (1)

Continue to add boiling water just until the paint looks like heavy cream. Divide among 4 cups and add food coloring. Let cool completely.

I stripped Veronika down to her diaper and taped a large piece of craft paper to the table (precautions are still necessary to avoid a huge mess) and sat down with Veronika on my lap.

Finger-Paint Art (2)

I showed her how to dip her fingers or whole hand into the cups of paint, and then press onto the paper. She seemed hesitant at first…

Finger-Paint Art (4)

…but soon was smearing away!

Finger-Paint Art (3)

My hope had been to get some nice finger- or handprints that could be transformed into little pictures. Alas, most of hers were too messy, so I made a mommy handprint and turned it into a little turkey with markers.

Finger-Paint Art (8)

Drawing flowers or bugs or any other creation would be cute, too! Another fun idea was dipping some fabric into the paint, and then smearing this all over our paper.

Finger-Paint Art (5)

Once we had lots of nice blobs, I folded the paper in half and then opened back up again to introduce the notion of symmetry.

Finger-Paint Art (11)

And then the art lesson was done and it was time for clean up and new clothes!

Finger-Paint Art (7)


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